Copy of The Secret of Failure

The Secret of Failure

First, you must know that there is a way to fail successfully.  Many individuals and organizations that we consider successful now were not always. This sounds unbelievable but it took Amazon 14 years to “turn” a profit after its initial public offering in 1997.  It took Thomas Edison almost 10,000 attempts to create the incandescent light bulb.  Most would give up in the face of this much “failure.”

Successful leaders know that another way to look at failure is that it is a catalyst to growth.  If a leader is not pushing themselves they will never stumble or fall.  It can mean that they are not performing at their full potential.  Failure will move you toward your full potential.  It can also move you beyond and stretch your potential.  In his book The Traveler’s Gift, author Andy Andrews writes about seven decisions that determine personal success.  The seventh decision is “I will persist without exception, I am a person of great faith.”

Persistence is the secret of failure.  Preservation despite the odds is the secret of failure.  The ability to block out the naysayers, and your inner critic voice is the secret to failure.  All truly successful individuals and organizations have been complete failures.  It is knowing that there is power in failure if you use it that makes you move on to success. 

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