Copy of Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

Some of you might not care anything about sweets. Not me, I have a sweet tooth that can be traced back to my grandmother, Mee-Mee, who created the best pies – apple, cherry and my personal favorite, pecan. She regularly frequented Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor on Saturday nights with most of her grandchildren in tow. It makes me smile to think about those fun times in that sweet spot where during those weekend outings, we would lose track of time.  
When working, do you find time dragging, or do you lose track of time? Maybe your focus is not on your true passion or your top talent. Ken Coleman, from the EntreLeadership Podcast shares, “The sweet spot is the place where our greatest talent (top skills) intersects with our greatest passion (what you love to do most).” Make sure you are using your top skills working on what you most love to do. Pair your skills with your passions and find yourself in the sweet spot.