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Scott Edens

Coach. Speaker.

(423) 504-2726

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Executive Coaching

I help clients to create success by focusing on professional development: time management, finding clarity, decision making and getting into action. 



Operations and management professional with 25 years of continual career development.  Principal accomplishments in leading, directing, planning, budgeting, public speaking, and development. 



Trained all supervisory personnel at 24 nursing centers.  Conducted seminars on basic supervisory skills for department heads and charge nurses.  



I've been helping organizations since 2009 to achieve their operational goals and get the outcomes they want.



Hear what others say about my service:


Jill Snow

VP Compliance & Quality Community Health Services of Georgia

I worked with Scott Edens for 5 years in the post-acute setting. Scott is a leader who inspires others. He often brought a new leadership idea to meetings to share with his team and colleagues. He responded to issues in a tactical and thoughtful way, staying calm and instilling a sense of confidence. It was a great working with Scott!


Max Burger

Senior Regional Nurse
Health Care Professional

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Scott and considered him a true asset to our team in his position as the Regional Vice President. I worked directly under Scott as a nurse consultant. Scott worked to bring our team together and always managed to foster discussions to bring out the best in others. Scott always remained calm. Scott was a true leader for our team.


Andy Miller

CNHA, FACHCA, Administrator
Gordon Health Rehabilitation

I have seen Scott demonstrate leadership skills both at a facility level and at a more global level in multi-facility level management. He has demonstrated a passion for life and helping others achieve their own personal goals. Scott has successfully managed a successful career in healthcare that anyone would be proud to follow.

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