Copy of Recess


When I was in grade school, recess was my favorite time of day. It took forever to come, and it never lasted long enough. Just like young people in school need a break so do leaders. In our American culture, it has become fashionable to brag about how much you work. Individuals may not realize they are boasting about time spent away from family or self-care.
Taking time to decompress is important. Whether you call it a sabbatical, breather, respite or intermission, it is important to value and take needed time off. The professional services firm Ernst & Young conducted an internal study of its employees and found that for each additional 10 hours of vacation time employees took, their year-end performance ratings improved by 8 percent. What’s more, frequent vacationers were significantly less likely to leave the firm. Other studies have shown that more vacation leads to greater productivity.
It is really the opposite of what we practice professionally, though obviously, I was onto something back in grade school when I longed for recess. Improve your output and take a recess today! 
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