Copy of My Pleasure

My Pleasure

Openly sharing with others your goals and desired accomplishments in business is not an easy thing to do, because showing your soft underbelly makes you vulnerable. Vulnerability can lead to fear of failure, and fear of failure can hold you back.

I am an Executive Leadership Coach. I coach high potential individuals that desire to be promoted or those whose organization wants to promote. I work with my clients on their objectives; mostly the goals that will propel rapid growth to help them excel in their new or desired position. Because success is found in execution, and only my client can execute their goals, I work with the individual’s agenda and provide accountability. Helping people realize and tap into their full potential brings joy and pleasure to my work.

So let me be vulnerable with you by sharing my focus and goals. I do not care about fame and fortune. I care about helping people and teams of people be successful by identifying what is important and empower them to articulate their leadership vision. I want to help individuals be prepared for a world that is constantly shifting and remove challenges that may keep them from moving forward. My impassioned goal is to help people overcome fear and destroy the thing that is keeping them from being the successful leader they desire to be. It has been said, “Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions.” —Helal Hafiz

Help yourself and your team find a solution to obstacles. Let coaching be the catalyst to your success and achievements.