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Leading with Vision

Being able to cast a vision is essential to effective leading. This is the ability to look into the future and lead with vision on a daily basis. Here are the 4 Cs of Vision Casting:

4 Cs of Vision Casting 

  1. Clarity/Clear
  2. Compelling/Concrete/Creative
  3. Commitment/Concise/Consistent
  4. Community/Compelling

When casting a vision, it creates incredible momentum in your organization. Consider these steps when casting your vision:

  4 Steps to Consider 

  1. What are we trying to achieve in our organization? (Goals)
  2. How are we going to achieve it? (Plans)
  3. How can I contribute? (Roles)
  4. What’s in it for me as the leader? (Rewards)

As a leader, it is important to consistently cast a vision of the future as this will make it part of the team’s culture.

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