Copy of Leading Past the Excuses

Leading Past the Excuses

Leadership success is rooted in the ability to create a culture of accountability. Most leaders fall short in their efforts to lead past the excuses. First, a leader’s expectations must be clear and communicated in a concise manner. Accountability needs to be based on key metrics of performance that the team has agreed upon. Leading without expectations or consequences leads to endorsing excuses and failed leadership. Because we are not naturally drawn to be accountable, you must practice accountability in order to create an accountability culture.

New Year’s resolutions do not always last, do they? Maybe, it is because accountability is lacking; accountability must be consistent and reliable. Many executives hire coaches to help them grow in accountability leadership. The decision to create a culture of accountability should not be taken lightly. Not only will leadership have to be accountable, but peers will also be accountable to each other. Collaborate and educate the team and establish 360 degrees of accountability. With determination and focus your accountability leadership will prevail.

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