Leadership Privilege

Unfortunately, we are witness to many examples of lack of leadership, i.e. decisions deferred to a later time, delays in confronting an employment issue, leadership absence, refusing to address blatant problems; these are just to name a few. As deferment is not an effective leadership strategy, procrastination will lead you down a road of poor outcomes.

Leaders must be forward thinkers looking to the future with clear vision. I recently heard that “Just like Bluetooth and backup cameras now come standard on a Honda Civic, some individuals live life looking in the rearview mirror.”- @dennismcintee GHCA, Summer Convention. Leaders that live exclusively in the past will not be destined for distinction in the future.

Being a leader is a privilege, it does not mean you are privileged. Understanding this privilege is instrumental in actively and proactively leading those in your charge. Do not delay, defer, procrastinate, reflect, or relish in the past but continue moving on a forward trajectory. Take time today to assess where you might be faltering or deferring your leadership privilege. Leaders owe it to their teams to proactively approach each demand.

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