Copy of Leading with Executive Presence

Lead with Executive Presence

Many of my clients seek to develop or improve their executive presence. Executive presence can be detected by the amount of energy you bring to the workplace, meetings, or even when entering a room. Either you fill the room with liveliness, or you enter unnoticed. Are you Peter Gabriel singing Sledgehammer, or are you The Smith’s (Morrissey) singing Unlovable? Both of these are great songs with completely different energy. Daily, we chose the kind of energy revealed in our executive presence. Developing your executive presence takes both consideration and self-awareness.

Attention and thoughtfulness are necessary when developing your executive presence. What are your nonverbal cues? Think about the habits you practice, and what they say about you. It can be as simple as beginning with your body language and considering your breathing. Stop a minute to focus on yourself, select your vitality, and practice your executive presence as an executive leader.

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