Copy of In the Dark

In the Dark

Many executive leaders have great vision but poor communication skills. We often think of communication as speaking words though communication can be so much more than just words. A leader’s presence should also be considered as communication. When an executive states, “We are going to take that hill over there!” but is never seen again, what does that communicate? Associates will lose enthusiasm for the strategy without executive presence. You might hear, “They said we were taking that hill over there, but I haven’t seen our leader climbing with us.”

As a leader, building your communication aptitude should be a top priority. Without effective communication, you might think you are leading in the light of day, but those that follow are completely in the dark. How are your written skills? Or video presentation skills? What about your body language? Listening is one communication skill that is often overlooked. Focus on improving one or all of these capacities to become a better communicator and leader.

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