Copy of Future Leadership Style

Future Leadership Style

Even though coaching is the leadership style of the future, coaching skills are lacking in leadership competencies. Coaching is the leadership style of success as leaders of the future play a supportive role in coaching their direct reports. This works complementary to the basic leadership skills (such as risk taking, accountability, positive attitude, stability and persistence, EQ, self-motivation etc.), because they are still significant in the workplace. An innovative coaching leader will take their team to the next level by preparing these individuals for the future.

The old command-and-control style leadership has fallen out of fashion. The leadership style of coaching works when an organization wants to help people build lasting personal strengths. Coaching is more of a one-on-one style that focuses on developing individuals and helping to connect their goals to the goals of the organization. Overall, organizations will experience improved success by implementing this inventive leadership style. The return on investment of this style might not be overtly evident on the front end, however, it will collectively produce positive bottom line results.

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