Copy of Empathetic Leadership is Essential

Empathetic Leadership is Essential 

Empathy is a learned skill and is essential in leadership today. Though many may see empathy as weakness, this isn’t true for empathy is action focused. Empathetic leaders are needed in today’s diverse workplaces because generations Y and Z do not flourish with an archaic style of leadership. They expect collaboration, community, and compassion in the work environment.
When a leader applies empathy to their skillset, they move towards a mentoring and coaching approach by listening and removing judgment. Empathetic leadership is about putting aside your own bias and seeing through a new set of eyes. Empathy requires the leader to be present in the moment which ultimately embeds trust in the culture.
The skill of empathy is like a muscle that will become stronger with use. Demonstrating that you care will only strengthen you as a leader, because empathetic leadership is essential to success.
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