Total Eclipse

By scottedens1965 / August 21, 2017

From my vantage point today, I will witness a 99.8% totality eclipse of the sun. Though I could drive an hour north and view 100% totality, I am pleased to […]

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What and Why

By scottedens1965 / August 14, 2017

Have you ever made a list of what you do and why you do it? Identifying your what and why will give structure for focus and alignment with values helping […]

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Questions and Listening

By scottedens1965 / July 24, 2017

Leaders must learn the balance between asking powerful questions and listening. Voltaire said, “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” Respectable leaders need to be curious and ask questions […]

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By scottedens1965 / July 4, 2017

As we celebrate Independence Day in the United States, let us take time to reflect on its significance. Over 241 years ago a young leader, one of our founding fathers […]

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Success File

By scottedens1965 / June 28, 2017

Do you have a place you file away your successes? I call it my success file. When you reach a goal or receive an accolade, file it away for a […]

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Boost Your Leadership

By scottedens1965 / June 19, 2017

Being self-aware is essential to a leader’s success.  It is the building block to emotional intelligence. This first attribute of emotional intelligence is your ability to recognize how your emotions […]

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Inspiring Yourself and Others

By scottedens1965 / May 22, 2017

You have to be inspired to inspire those you lead.   How do you inspire yourself?   You can’t inspire your team without effort. Actually, to inspire yourself you have to feed yourself […]

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Professionalism Pays Dividends

By scottedens1965 / May 15, 2017

Being professional shows co-workers what you represent. It can be a window for others to see your character or values. It is how you hold yourself in tense times. The […]

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