7 Essential Competencies of L.E.A.D.E.R.S.

By scottedens1965 / April 22, 2019

Though leaders come in many forms and from different organizational backgrounds, successful leaders need a toolbox of reliable skills.

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Internal Leader

By scottedens1965 / January 7, 2019

Our inner critic is known by many names: Inner Controller, Gremlin, Critical Inner Voice, Critical Voice, Judger, and Guilt Tripper to name a few.

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Leadership Conversations

By scottedens1965 / December 17, 2018

Conversations can create forward momentum. Conversations can stop critical mistakes. Conversations can save time and effort. Because you spend most of the day having conversations, ask yourself if you are leveraging these conversations to influence positive results?

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Heads Down

By scottedens1965 / May 15, 2018

Stop turning a blind eye to behaviors or potential conflicts by having your head down. Be an engaged, heads up leader who sets their sites on leading their organization to success.

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By scottedens1965 / March 5, 2018

Taking time to decompress is important. Whether you call it a sabbatical, breather, respite or intermission, it is important to value and take needed time off.

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Sweet Spot

By scottedens1965 / February 12, 2018

Make sure you are using your top skills working on what you most love to do. Pair your skills with your passions and find yourself in the sweet spot.

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Don’t Give Answers

By scottedens1965 / February 5, 2018

Utilize skilled leadership coaches in your organization to train on these useful coaching techniques.

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