Great Leaders

Leadership Conversations

By scottedens1965 / December 17, 2018

Conversations can create forward momentum. Conversations can stop critical mistakes. Conversations can save time and effort. Because you spend most of the day having conversations, ask yourself if you are leveraging these conversations to influence positive results?

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Leadership Privilege

By scottedens1965 / June 20, 2018

Being a leader is a privilege, it does not mean you are privileged. Understanding this privilege is instrumental in actively and proactively leading those in your charge.

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Connected Moments

By scottedens1965 / June 11, 2018

Leaders connect with others through authentic, high-quality conversations. It is through these conversations that we make connections both personally and professionally. It seems simple, really. Exceptional leaders are experts at connecting their team’s vision of success with their open conversations.

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Don’t Sweep It

By scottedens1965 / April 2, 2018

Great leaders learn from not only successes but also failures. Wasted energy is spent attempting to hide past failures by sweeping them under the rug or defending them. It is key for productive leaders to quickly move from failure to learning. Take time to inventory your past failures and learn from them.

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Don’t Give Answers

By scottedens1965 / February 5, 2018

Utilize skilled leadership coaches in your organization to train on these useful coaching techniques.

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Why Coaching?

By scottedens1965 / January 22, 2018

Many organizations are tapping into coaching as a human capital strategy to develop and improve leadership capabilities among their associates. Increasing the performance and productivity of employees is another by-product of coaching.

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We, Not Me

By scottedens1965 / January 15, 2018

Effective leaders focus on team results. Be patient as this process takes time to institute. Focusing on “we” is a worthy leadership effort.

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