Essential to Leadership

By scottedens1965 / July 9, 2018

Through skilled communication, leaders are able to successfully lead. Being an active and participative leader aids in effective communication, because absent communication leaders are unable to provide inspiration or accountability.

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Loyalty Earned

By scottedens1965 / June 4, 2018

Loyalty is like the oil in an engine. Everything works more smoothly when it is present. Effective leaders always remember that leadership is a privilege, and trust and loyalty must be earned each and every day.

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In the Dark

By scottedens1965 / May 1, 2018

As a leader, building your communication aptitude should be a top priority. Without effective communication, you might think you are leading in the light of day, but those that follow are completely in the dark.

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Lightning Moments

By scottedens1965 / December 4, 2017

Acting on a lightning moment can make all the difference in your life.

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Mental Silos

By scottedens1965 / November 20, 2017

Working in a silo is dirty work both literally and figuratively speaking. Farmers would tell you that silos are vital to their trade, however, there is no place for large, […]

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By scottedens1965 / October 16, 2017

Trust is a valuable commodity especially in leadership. Like many resources, trust can be gained or spent. A cornerstone objective is building trust with those you lead, because trustworthy leaders […]

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