7 Reasons You Should be a Coaching Leader

By scottedens1965 / June 3, 2019

The coaching leadership style is an effective skill to learn and implement. Coaching leaders can be successful in organizations by improving performance or results.

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Future Leadership Style

By scottedens1965 / March 26, 2018

he leadership style of coaching works when an organization wants to help people build lasting personal strengths. Coaching is more of a one-on-one style that focuses on developing individuals and helping to connect their goals to the goals of the organization. Overall, organizations will experience improved success by implementing this inventive leadership style.

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Retention Strategy – Coaching

By scottedens1965 / March 19, 2018

nvestment in executive leadership coaching is an effective employee retention strategy. Coaching demonstrates that the organization values the employee’s personal growth.

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By scottedens1965 / March 5, 2018

Taking time to decompress is important. Whether you call it a sabbatical, breather, respite or intermission, it is important to value and take needed time off.

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My Pleasure

By scottedens1965 / February 19, 2018

Because success is found in execution, and only my client can execute their goals, I work with the individual’s agenda and provide accountability. Helping people realize and tap into their full potential brings joy and pleasure to my work. Help yourself and your team find a solution to obstacles. Let coaching be the catalyst to your success and achievements.

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Sweet Spot

By scottedens1965 / February 12, 2018

Make sure you are using your top skills working on what you most love to do. Pair your skills with your passions and find yourself in the sweet spot.

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Don’t Give Answers

By scottedens1965 / February 5, 2018

Utilize skilled leadership coaches in your organization to train on these useful coaching techniques.

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Why Coaching?

By scottedens1965 / January 22, 2018

Many organizations are tapping into coaching as a human capital strategy to develop and improve leadership capabilities among their associates. Increasing the performance and productivity of employees is another by-product of coaching.

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Something New

By scottedens1965 / January 2, 2018

What new ventures will 2018 hold for you? Isn’t it always time to try something new?

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Uniquely Different

By scottedens1965 / December 11, 2017

To understand and apply this philosophy will set you on the path to be uniquely positioned.

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Lightning Moments

By scottedens1965 / December 4, 2017

Acting on a lightning moment can make all the difference in your life.

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Mental Silos

By scottedens1965 / November 20, 2017

Working in a silo is dirty work both literally and figuratively speaking. Farmers would tell you that silos are vital to their trade, however, there is no place for large, […]

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By scottedens1965 / October 16, 2017

Trust is a valuable commodity especially in leadership. Like many resources, trust can be gained or spent. A cornerstone objective is building trust with those you lead, because trustworthy leaders […]

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By scottedens1965 / October 9, 2017

A life without purpose is a very empty one. However, many individuals wonder through life without meaning or direction. These individuals often complain their jobs are not fulfilling. Is it realistic to […]

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By scottedens1965 / September 18, 2017

Leaders are responsible for employee engagement, own it!

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