Coaching Culture

7 Reasons You Should be a Coaching Leader

By scottedens1965 / June 3, 2019

The coaching leadership style is an effective skill to learn and implement. Coaching leaders can be successful in organizations by improving performance or results.

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Answers Myth

By scottedens1965 / January 28, 2019

An effective leader understands that they can glean more from a diverse team of talented employees than they can from only themselves. A plugged-in leader places their team’s input above their own self-interest.

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Growth Habit

By scottedens1965 / August 6, 2018

When an individual chooses coaching they are empowered to stretch beyond their comfort zone where growth lives.

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Retention Strategy – Coaching

By scottedens1965 / March 19, 2018

nvestment in executive leadership coaching is an effective employee retention strategy. Coaching demonstrates that the organization values the employee’s personal growth.

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Terrain Transitions

By scottedens1965 / March 12, 2018

Leading change can be like hiking rough terrain transitions. Successful change requires leaders to explain the why for the change and not only the what. Many times there are misunderstandings regarding change in the workplace when leaders have not made the reason for the change clear.

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My Pleasure

By scottedens1965 / February 19, 2018

Because success is found in execution, and only my client can execute their goals, I work with the individual’s agenda and provide accountability. Helping people realize and tap into their full potential brings joy and pleasure to my work. Help yourself and your team find a solution to obstacles. Let coaching be the catalyst to your success and achievements.

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Don’t Give Answers

By scottedens1965 / February 5, 2018

Utilize skilled leadership coaches in your organization to train on these useful coaching techniques.

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