Copy of Building Capacity

Building Capacity

It is always a great idea to have a strategy that builds the leadership capacity of your organization. Leadership is about growth and moving towards change. But how does your organization build leadership capacity? Do you hire for the current position or with thoughts for advancement? If you are planning to build capacity then you must stay focused on hiring for advancement. It is startling how many times I have heard leaders complain, “I don’t have anyone that can do that job.” Unfortunately, they have hired for the current position and not planned for the future. There are many capacities that might be needed in any given situation.

Look to your team for skills and traits that can be nurtured, because promotions from within create goodwill. Team building, innovation, vision casting and commitment to results are important capacities than can be developed. Begin by measuring your desired leadership capacity or needed capacities. Whether you use some formal model such as the Leadership Practices Inventory, self-awareness assessment such as MBTI, or other EQ measurements, it is important to create a baseline. Remember, leadership capacity is about creating positive change for your organization.

This will allow you to create a pathway to bridge your leadership capacity to the desired levels.  This focus will help shape your organizations future. If you are interested in building leadership capacity with executive/leadership coaching in your organization, e-mail me at Also, place your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you in advance for your likes and sharing as it helps spread this message.