Copy of Answers Myth

Answers Myth

It is a complete myth that leaders have all the answers. Leaders who believe they have all the answers are egocentric and will fail miserably. Buying into this fairytale can cause you to second-guess your ability as a leader by negatively feeding your inner critic. I discussed this internal leader a couple of weeks ago; reference my blog Leadership Fueling for more details.

An effective leader understands that they can glean more from a diverse team of talented employees than they can from only themselves. A plugged-in leader places their team’s input above their own self-interest. These types of leaders have built a culture where the input is expected and accepted. Supported team members will provide innovation and deliver strong solutions in this engaging environment. If you are a leader with all the answers, I suggest you reevaluate your methods and move to a listening leadership culture. With this reframing, positive changes will be seen in both your team and your organization.

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