Copy of A Present Leader

A Present Leader

Society has difficulty with being present. This has escalated with the internet being at our finger tips. Every day, many of us experience being in a room with people while everyone is staring at their phones. The reality of being connected online has caused more disconnection offline. This disconnection problem follows us into the workplace. Leaders are not immune to this problem. In fact, leaders are probably more prone to this bad habit due to work cultures that require them to be plugged in 24/7.  

Being present in the moment can be a struggle for many leaders. If you are not present in the moment, you miss important opportunities to connect with those you lead. When disconnected, there can be missed communication such as not recognizing an associate’s achievement, a lost opportunity to offer guidance or connect with your team on a personal level.“…The most important thing is that we are able to be one-to-one, you and I with each other at the moment. If we can be present to the moment with the person that we happen to be with, that’s what’s important.” – Fred Rogers. Being present as a leader means being deliberate and putting practices in place that facilitate your presence. Allocating time in your day to purposefully engage with your team will help you practice the skill of being present.

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