Copy of 6 Amazing Tips to Build Your Leadership Presence

6 Amazing Tips to Build Your Leadership Presence

Though this might sound like a self-serving exercise, by not following these tips, you might fall into the heap of mediocre leaders. Implement these steps, and you will find your leadership stature moving upward.

  1. Appearance – Dressing for your desired position is important. When you go to work, you need to dress the part. Even if you work in a business casual environment, make sure you are dressed a level above. Take the time to have all your garments ironed and pressed, because there is psychology in what you wear. Clothes make you feel good about yourself. The bottom line: dress still matters and will build your confidence. Remember, this includes attention to your grooming. 
  2. Body Language – You are a filled with energy whether you project it or not. When you enter a room are you noticed or unnoticed? It is impossible to effectively lead when you act the part of a wallflower. You might consider reading my recent blog on Executive Presence. 
  3. Brain talk – What negative information are you telling yourself that is undermining your presence? Also, think before you speak.
  4. Connection – All too often, we bring this disconnection into the workplace. Leaders must have the ability to build networks and grow relationships. Fostering connections with others begins with giving.
  5. Self-awareness – Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can be learned and developed. Leaders that are self-aware know their strengths and weaknesses. This awareness puts them in a positive position to lead and create networks.
  6. Hire an Executive Coach – A coach will help you to boost your executive presence, elevate your leadership capacity, and will lead to improved performance. Hiring a coach is a win/win for you and your organization. For more information on the benefits of coaching check out Leadership Coaching Benefits.

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