Copy of 5 Leadership Connection Methods

5 Leadership Connection Methods

Remember your childhood years when the connections with friends were so important? As humans, we are created for relationships with others. As children connecting with other children come so naturally, and as we move through adulthood, sometimes these former connections seem to break down. All too often, we bring this disconnection into the workplace. Leaders must have the ability to build networks and grow relationships. Fostering connections with others begin with giving. The following are 5 strategies to enhance your ability to connect with those you lead:

  1. Build Awareness – Self-awareness is a path worth following. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can be learned and developed. Leaders that are self-aware know their strengths and weaknesses. This awareness puts them in a positive position to lead and create networks.
  2. Caring Communication – Meeting one on one with your employees is a great way to foster a positive working relationship. Giving undivided attention will correlate into a more productive associate. Showing that you care in your dedication to communicate will provide inspiration.
  3. Manage Conflict – Many leaders avoid conflict. This avoidance is fuel to the fire. Author Patrick Lencioni writes, “Fear of conflict is the second dysfunction that prevents teams from reaching their true potential.”
  4. Embedding Trust – One of the best ways to build trust is by connecting with those you lead. The connection comes from listening and asking engaging questions.
  5. Take Action – Nothing can be more detrimental to your leadership than to be seen as action-less. Effective leaders make decisions and take action. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”John Quincy Adams

Great leaders understand that making time for connection is indispensable to the success of their team. If you are interested in developing your leadership competencies with executive/leadership coaching or learning about the Energy Leadership Index e-mail me at Also, place your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you in advance for your comments, likes and sharing as it helps spread this message.