Month: December 2018

Leadership Coaching Benefits

By scottedens1965 / December 31, 2018

Leadership coaching will help to achieve self-awareness, elevate leadership capacity, and lead to improved performance. A certified professional leadership coach provides a confidential sounding board that can help unlock potential more quickly.

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Leadership Conversations

By scottedens1965 / December 17, 2018

Conversations can create forward momentum. Conversations can stop critical mistakes. Conversations can save time and effort. Because you spend most of the day having conversations, ask yourself if you are leveraging these conversations to influence positive results?

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Empathetic Leadership is Essential 

By scottedens1965 / December 10, 2018

Empathetic leadership is about putting aside your own bias and seeing through a new set of eyes. Empathy requires the leader to be present in the moment which ultimately embeds trust in the culture.

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The Joy of Leadership

By scottedens1965 / December 3, 2018

Leaders give their time…

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