Month: August 2018

Embedding Trust

By scottedens1965 / August 27, 2018

Trust is cultivated with time and effort. In today’s cutthroat business climate, it is more important than ever to build trust with your team, because trust is in a state of decline.

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Listening Leader

By scottedens1965 / August 20, 2018

Listening leaders have realized that you can glean far more from another’s intellect when effectively listening. Because a strong leader needs to be an effective communicator, engaged communication begins with listening.

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Leadership Traps

By scottedens1965 / August 13, 2018

Awareness, examination, and self-evaluation are valuable exercises. Do not skip these important opportunities in the journey to becoming an effective leader.

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Growth Habit

By scottedens1965 / August 6, 2018

When an individual chooses coaching they are empowered to stretch beyond their comfort zone where growth lives.

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