Month: June 2018

Leadership Clarity

By scottedens1965 / June 25, 2018

Bringing clarity is the ability to simplify and inspire action. “One should use common words to say uncommon things,” ―Arthur Schopenhauer. Leaders with clarity have the ability to bring meaning to the group.

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Leadership Privilege

By scottedens1965 / June 20, 2018

Being a leader is a privilege, it does not mean you are privileged. Understanding this privilege is instrumental in actively and proactively leading those in your charge.

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Connected Moments

By scottedens1965 / June 11, 2018

Leaders connect with others through authentic, high-quality conversations. It is through these conversations that we make connections both personally and professionally. It seems simple, really. Exceptional leaders are experts at connecting their team’s vision of success with their open conversations.

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Loyalty Earned

By scottedens1965 / June 4, 2018

Loyalty is like the oil in an engine. Everything works more smoothly when it is present. Effective leaders always remember that leadership is a privilege, and trust and loyalty must be earned each and every day.

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