Month: April 2018

Building Capacity

By scottedens1965 / April 16, 2018

It is always a great idea to have a strategy that builds the leadership capacity of your organization. Leadership is about growth and moving towards change. But how does your organization build leadership capacity?

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Conscious Actions

By scottedens1965 / April 9, 2018

The best leaders lead by example. Great leaders know that actions are trusted far more than words. Set yourself apart as an effective leader who takes responsibility for the actions of those you lead as well as your own.

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Don’t Sweep It

By scottedens1965 / April 2, 2018

Great leaders learn from not only successes but also failures. Wasted energy is spent attempting to hide past failures by sweeping them under the rug or defending them. It is key for productive leaders to quickly move from failure to learning. Take time to inventory your past failures and learn from them.

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