Month: March 2018

Future Leadership Style

By scottedens1965 / March 26, 2018

he leadership style of coaching works when an organization wants to help people build lasting personal strengths. Coaching is more of a one-on-one style that focuses on developing individuals and helping to connect their goals to the goals of the organization. Overall, organizations will experience improved success by implementing this inventive leadership style.

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Retention Strategy – Coaching

By scottedens1965 / March 19, 2018

nvestment in executive leadership coaching is an effective employee retention strategy. Coaching demonstrates that the organization values the employee’s personal growth.

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Terrain Transitions

By scottedens1965 / March 12, 2018

Leading change can be like hiking rough terrain transitions. Successful change requires leaders to explain the why for the change and not only the what. Many times there are misunderstandings regarding change in the workplace when leaders have not made the reason for the change clear.

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By scottedens1965 / March 5, 2018

Taking time to decompress is important. Whether you call it a sabbatical, breather, respite or intermission, it is important to value and take needed time off.

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