Month: February 2018

Common Connection

By scottedens1965 / February 26, 2018

Though working through a team’s issues can be a difficult task, it is well worth the effort. This is true whether you are dealing with personality conflicts, collaboration issues or goal/intention misalignment.

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My Pleasure

By scottedens1965 / February 19, 2018

Because success is found in execution, and only my client can execute their goals, I work with the individual’s agenda and provide accountability. Helping people realize and tap into their full potential brings joy and pleasure to my work. Help yourself and your team find a solution to obstacles. Let coaching be the catalyst to your success and achievements.

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Sweet Spot

By scottedens1965 / February 12, 2018

Make sure you are using your top skills working on what you most love to do. Pair your skills with your passions and find yourself in the sweet spot.

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Don’t Give Answers

By scottedens1965 / February 5, 2018

Utilize skilled leadership coaches in your organization to train on these useful coaching techniques.

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