Scott Edens

Executive Coach | Speaker | Consultant

Scott Edens

Executive Coach | Speaker | Consultant



What I do​

My core services are coaching, speaking and consulting.

I Coach. ​

I offer guidance, direction, strategic planning, problem identification and innovative measures to help achieve your business goals.

I Speak.

I am available to present at industry trade shows, conferences and corporate events like executive offsites, internal meetings and more.

I Consult.

My management consulting services focus on critical opportunities including strategy, organization and sustainability across all industries.

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Contact me to get a free consultation and evaluation of your business objectives.

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What Others are Saying

“I had the pleasure of getting to know Scott as a person and a leader during his participation in a company-sponsored Leadership Development program several years ago.  Scott’s eagerness to learn and share his knowledge is contagious. He is a compassionate and humble person with a desire to serve others. He has an infectious smile that lights up the room wherever he goes.  Scott exemplifies the characteristics of an effective leader which include: 1) honesty 2) confidence 3) compassion 4) commitment and 5) a positive attitude. Embodied by these characteristics, Scott has the ability to motivate others to reach their highest potential.”

Lorraine T. Taylor

CFO, Community Health Services of Georgia

“Scott is an inspiring leader who brings out the best in those around him. His humble demeanor, and strong interpersonal skills translate into a unique ability to lead a team in achieving their own personal and professional goals. I recommend Scott without hesitation as a leader and mentor.”

Jeff Ginn

CNHA, Area Director of Operations, Ethica Health

“Scott consistently demonstrates the qualities necessary to develop others in their roles as business leaders. Scott’s ability to genuinely listen with a sincere caring about the accomplishments of others is not often found in business today.”

Stelling Nelson

CNHA, Senior Vice President, Community Health Services of Georgia

“Scott is an exceptional coach and health care professional. He leads with authenticity and has a heart for the people he leads and serves.”

Diana Wilks

CNHA, FACHCA, Senior Vice President, Community Health Services of Georgia

“Scott has the ability to connect with those he leads. He quickly earns the respect of others. He is a proven leader with the ability to coach and guide an individual to success at various phases of his / her career.”

Lucy Rogers

RN, Senior Vice President, Community Health Services of Georgia

“During those years I have seen Scott demonstrate leadership skills both at a facility level and at a more global level in multi-facility level management. He has proven to be compassionate in whatever he undertakes and has demonstrated a passion for life and helping others achieve their own personal goals. I have known Scott to be goal driven and eager to improve his own skills as well as coaching others to grow and improve as well. Scott has successfully managed a successful career in healthcare that anyone would be proud to follow.”

Andy Miller

CNHA, FACHCA, Administrator, Gordon Health & Rehabilitation

Scott’s Story

With over 25 years of continual career development, Scott Edens has the experience leading, coordinating and directing skills needed to provide improved leadership and increased financial outcomes for your organization.

  • Coaching
  • Speaking
  • Training
  • Planning
  • Budgeting

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